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Camp Roxas Workers List Updated to 400 Names
My name is Cynthia Tabigo-on Nisay, a descendant of Alberto Tabigo-on, a Camp Roxas laborer from Iloilo who arrived in Guam in 1959. I was 6 years old at that time.

My family was part of the Ilonggo settlement in Agat, a small community that grew around Camp Roxas. They were skilled construction workers as well as doctors, nurses, accountants and teachers who made Guam their second home. Many married local CHamorus. Others brought their families from the Philippines and settled here. I am one of them.

A few months ago, Bernie Schumann and Josephine Garrido took me and my daughter Lea to see what was left of Camp Roxas, which I had only heard about.

 I was amazed to see there was still something left by our parents and grandparents who stayed on Guam. I saw an alcove in the shape of Mother Mary, surrounded with tall grass. Thanks to the Guam Waterworks Authority employees, we used machetes to clear the way. 

There used to be a chapel nearby where workers would attend Sunday masses officiated by Father Alfredo Labaro. Workers also built a tennis court nearby to entertain themselves and relax during their days off from work. There’s nothing left today but the alcove.

It is my sincere wish as a Camp Roxas descendant that we could save this. I requested the assistance of Mr. Jose Garrido at Guam Historic Preservation and he has assured us that no one can disturb the alcove without the knowledge of Department of Public Works and his office. 

We hope to negotiate with the Bordallo family, the landowners, to see if they can spare a small piece of property on which the alcove located. We currently are reviewing Guam Historic Preservation findings and recommendations about the alcove. We hope you all will join us in this effort to preserve the memory of the men and women of Camp Roxas. 

Thank you.

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