Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project), Bernie Provido Schumann, P.O. Box 5307, Hagatna, GU 96932

Museum Repository staff visited the Agat home of Johnny and Aida Luces to receive religious statues that have graced the Camp Roxas Chapel since 1946 for a June/July 2013 Camp Roxas exhibit at the Hall of Governors, Governor's Office, Adelup, Guam. Photo courtesy of Guam Museum
Photos from "PHL Consulate General in Guam Graces Opening of the Special Exhibit on Camp Roxas," Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs website.
Photos from "PHL Consulate General in Guam Graces Opening of the Special Exhibit on Camp Roxas," Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs website.
Bernie details the current status of Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project) for JoAnna Delfin, Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs.
Jane and Christine, the daughters of the late Restituto Martir Guevara, a former Camp Roxas resident, wished to honor the memory of their father who immigrated to Guam as a Filipino laborer.
Lola Pilar Malilay detailed her Camp Roxas life as a registered nurse in an interview with JoAnna Delfin, Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs, for TV broadcast by NNS Guam.
We were honored to be interviewed on July 10, 2013 by JoAnna Delfin, Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs (NNS Guam). JoAnna, a Camp Roxas descendant, is the granddaughter of former Guam Sen. Oscar Delfin and the daughter of Rolando Delfin. (CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO VIEW).
Camp Roxas Photo Exhibit
Hall of Governors, Latte of Freedom, Adelup, Guam - June/July 2013
The film, "The Illness and the Odyssey," which screened at the 2013 Guam International Film Festival, was named winner of  "Best Made in the Marianas" and "Best Feature Documentary" awards, We extend our congratulations to Burt Sardoma Jr., cinematographer (DP) for the documentary.
The Camp Roxas Film Project is prompting young students and the community to take a closer look at their identity as Filipino-Americans.

University of Guam student Tabitha Caser Espina interviewed Bernie Schumann and her mother Bernardita Provido to discuss Filipinas and their identity as part of her thesis. Although not related to the Camp Roxas film project, her intent is to explore Filipino-American identity.

Also, Michael R. Clement, Jr., Assistant Professor of History and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam, is showcasing the 20-minute version of the UAS film to show his students.

(Click HERE to view Tabitha Caser Espina's 2013 abstract.)

Young Filipino-Americans on Guam Seek Identity 
Through Camp Roxas 
Left to right: Tabitha Caser Espina, Bernardita Provido and Bernie Provido Schumann.
Bernie in the keynote address spoke of honoring the legacy of Filipino pioneers through Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project).
Aunties Corazon Muyco and Pilar Malilay were honored guests representing former Camp Roxas residents.
Consul Edgar Tomas Auxilian gave the introductory remarks opening the exhibit.
Bernie with Senators Mike Limtiaco, B.J. Cruz, Aline Yamashita and Tina Muna-Barnes. Cathy Flores represented Guam Humanities Council.
Philippine Consul General Bayani Mangibin.
Bernie, Auntie Ason, Uncle Dolfo and Auntie Pilar officially cut the ribbon to open the Camp Roxas photo exhibit.
Auntie Ason and Uncle Dolpho.
Auntie Ason, Bernie and Dr. Merlynn Abello-Alfonso, new Honorary Consul to the Federated States of Micronesia, and Bernie's neice.
One final group photo with Philippine Counsel General Bayani Mangibin.
Camp Roxas Exhibit at Philippine Consulate General Guam
in Observance of Filipino American Heritage Month
(Click on each image to view.).
(Click on each image to view.).
Camp Roxas families group photo after the Dec. 15, 2013 10:30 a.m. Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church, Agat, Guam.  Below are some Camp Roxas families who stopped by the in-studio photo session later in the afternoon the same day. (Photos by Burt Sardoma Jr.)
Camp Carter was renamed Camp Roxas on 21 April 1947 by U.S. Navy Admiral C.A. Pownall, Commander Marianas, United States Pacific Fleet.
"Under the American Sun: Camp Roxas Film Project" was used as the primary source of this unathorized history of Camp Roxas laborers.
​Tasi Petra and Pin Hsuan Chen, 9th grade students at St. John's School in Upper Tumon, were among the 2016 Guam History Day award winners for their entry, "Camp Roxas: Laboring to Build a Home Away from Home."

Guam History Day, a Guam Preservation Trust and University of Guam Micronesian Area Research Center project, seeks to develop community action to protect and preserve Guam's history. 
Camp Roxas History Wins Guam History Day Award