Camp Roxas Film Project
Under the American Sun, an independently produced 60-minute film documentary currently in production, will trace the history of Filipino-American immigrants to Guam who resided in Camp Roxas in Agat after World War II as part of the military reconstruction effort.
Preliminary funding was provided through the Guam Humanities Council by the National Endowment for Humanities for a photo exhibit, discussion series and a 10-minute introductory film.  When funding was discontinued (1) (2) through the Guam Humanities Council, the Camp Roxas pursued alternate grant funding as an independent film documentary. The film is currently in post-production and awaiting completion for
international broadcast.

Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project), Bernie Provido Schumann, 177 B Mall Street, A401,Tamuning, GU 96931 | 671.649-8412
From the private collection of Jovito & Pilar Malilay (used with permission)
Director Burt Sardoma and Producer Bernadette Provido Schumann stand in front of aged concrete columns, now in ruins, that once held a welcome sign to the Camp Roxas Recreation Center. (Camp Roxas Film Project photo)
Click HERE to view  "Under the American Sun" (12-minute version)

Burt Sardoma Jr., Director
Bernie Provido Schumann, Producer 
Alex C. Munoz, Producer
Josephine Mallo-Garrido, Associate Producer
Norman Analista, Special Projects

Asian Journal Online has profiled Bernie Provido Schumann! 
Visit the website (CLICK HERE) to see her profile which will help give international publicity to Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project) and help recognize the families and descendants of Camp Roxas. 
Camp Roxas Film Project is prompting young students and the community to take a closer look at their identity as Filipino-Americans.

University of Guam student Tabitha Caser Espina interviewed Bernie Schumann and her mother Bernardita Provido to discuss Filipinas and their identity as part of her thesis. Although not related to the Camp Roxas film project, her intent is to explore Filipino-American identity.

Also, Michael R. Clement, Jr., Assistant Professor of History and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam, is showcasing the 20-minute version of the UAS film to show his students.

Young Filipino-Americans on Guam Seek Identity 
Through Camp Roxas Project 
Left to right: Tabitha Caser Espina, Bernardita Provido and Bernie Provido Schumann.