Camp Roxas Film Project
Under the American Sun, an independently produced 60-minute film documentary currently in production, will trace the history of Filipino-American immigrants to Guam who resided in Camp Roxas in Agat after World War II as part of the military reconstruction effort. 
Preliminary funding was provided through the Guam Humanities Council by the National Endowment for Humanities for a photo exhibit, discussion series and a 10-minute introductory film.  When funding was discontinued (1) (2) through the Guam Humanities Council, the Camp Roxas Film Project pursued alternate grant funding as an independent film documentary. The film is currently in post-production and awaiting completion for international broadcast. 
Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project), Bernie Provido Schumann,  P.O. Box 5307, Hagatna, GU 96932
From the private collection of Jovito & Pilar Malilay (used with permission) 
Director Burt Sardoma and Producer Bernadette Provido Schumann stand in front of aged concrete columns, now in ruins, that once held a welcome sign to the Camp Roxas Recreation Center. (Camp Roxas Film Project photo)
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Burt Sardoma Jr., Director
Bernie Provido Schumann, Producer 
Alex C. Munoz, Producer
Josephine Mallo-Garrido, Associate Producer
Alfred Peredo Flores, Associate Producer
Norman Analista, Special Projects

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The film has surged forward in the last seven years with the support of local and federal grants, private donations from the Camp Roxas community and personal funds. The project requires at least $50,000 for post-production costs to expand the film to 60-minute documentary. All DVD sales proceeds will be used toward the completion of the film. 

Help support this rare undocumented history of the Filipino labor experience which someday will be heralded as a pioneering historical work in the Asian-Pacific experience. 
Above, in honor of preserving our parents' legacy for the next generation, Camp Roxas families get together for a group photo after the Dec. 15, 2013 10:30 a.m. Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church, Agat, Guam.  Below are some Camp Roxas families who stopped by the in-studio photo session later in the afternoon the same day. (Photos by Burt Sardoma Jr.)
Partial Listing
Camp Roxas Residents
(1946 - 1972)
UPDATED 12/8/13

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SS Sultan Passenger Manifest
Nov. 20, 1949, 
Iloilo to Guam

Led by Fermin Zapanta Sr., 
Camp Roxas labor superintendent
Documenting the arrival of Felixberto Sardoma, Sr., 
father of  Director Burt Sardoma
Camp Roxas families group photo at Nov. 26, 2013 Agat Village Market. 

Camp Carter was renamed Camp Roxas on 21 April 1947 by U.S. Navy Admiral C.A. Pownall, Commander Marianas, United States Pacific Fleet.
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DVD sales proceeds will go towards expanding film project to 60-minute documentary.
Bernie Provido Schumann received the 2014 Gawad Ulirang Pilipino award, media category, for her work regarding Under the American Sun - Camp Roxas Film Project. The award was sponsored by the Filipino Community of Guam, in partnership with IPE (Shell Guam) and IT&E. 
Bernardita Provido, Bernadette Provido Schumann's mother, was featured in this publication. 

Bernie Provido Schumann's personal journey in search of her Filipino-American identity on Guam through Under the American Sun (Camp Roxas Film Project) was also included in "The Sapin Sapin Generation," a graduate student research study also by Velasco. To view "The Sapin Sapin Generation," please click HERE
Right: Tabitha Espina Velasco, Bernardita Provido and Bernie Provido Schumann.
Camp Roxas Experience to Be Documented by
University of the Philippines - Diliman
"Ube," the first chapter of a doctoral thesis by Tabitha Espina Velasco, a University of Guam instructor, documenting the experience of the first generation of Filipino-Americans on Guam,  has been accepted for publication in Humanities Diliman: A Journal of Philippine Humanities, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Camp Roxas
Wins Award

Tasi Petra and Pin Hsuan Chen, 9th grade students at St. John's School in Upper Tumon, were among the 2016 Guam History Day award winners for their entry, "Camp Roxas: Laboring to Build a Home Away from Home."

Guam History Day, a Guam Preservation Trust and University of Guam Micronesian Area Research Center project, seeks to develop community action to protect and preserve Guam's history. 

National History Day is a competition held yearly on Guam as well as in 50 states and territories. Winners in the Guam competition have a chance to compete at the national level at the Kenneth E. Behring National Hkistory Day Contents June 12-16.
"Under the American Sun: Camp Roxas Film Project" was used as the primary source of this unathorized history of Camp Roxas laborers.
Click on image to view doctoral dissertation on Filipino laborers on Guam.